How to increase the male Celentano at home

When is penis enlargement necessary? According to a doctor's prescription - if its length is so short that it causes serious physiological problems. In practice, every man wants to enlarge his penis, regardless of how generous nature has been with him. But what can we expect after applying each option - let's try to figure it out.

the cucumber symbolizes the enlarged penis

common data

WHO statistics show that the size of the erect penis in most men does not exceed 9. 5-14 cm. A phallus shorter than the lower index finger is called a small penis, and if its size does not exceed 2 cm, it is called a micropenis. . Experts explain that penis enlargement should be done only in the last two cases, so that a small organ does not hurt a man's pride and does not complicate physiological processes.

There are many ways - effective and extreme, and sometimes simply dangerous, which once again proves the imperfection of the male reproductive system, of course, in their own minds. Whatever the representatives of the stronger sex do: they inject oil into the penis, sew solid objects into the skin, pump in the gel - the folk ways of enlarging the penis are truly limitless and only confirm the level of male dissatisfaction. And regardless of what the "native" size is, everyone at least once in their life wanted to increase the length, thickness and width of the phallus. After such experiments, doctors can often correct the consequences of "self-growth" with a shrug.

It is generally accepted that after the thickness, length and diameter of the penis increases, the man gets:

  1. external attractiveness. It is highly doubtful, as the genitalia are not usually shown.
  2. A real improvement in the quality of sex. Also a controversial issue - the quality does not depend on the size, but on how the phallus fits into a particular vagina.
  3. Increasing self-esteem.

Opinions of sex pathologists about penis enlargement contain specific information that is contrary to generally accepted popular beliefs. Any professional will say that it is not so much the size of the penis that is important, but the ability to use it correctly.

Possible options

So how to enlarge your penis at home? First of all, it is necessary to understand that the techniques used at home do not help to increase the penis by many centimeters, in essence, these methods only help a person to believe that the penis has grown. But in fact, the size remains almost the same.

Even a penis enlargement surgery does not bring the coveted 4-7 centimeters or more, it is impossible, although in the presence of a micropenis, the surgery helps to solve many anatomical and physiological problems.

In general, all methods of penis enlargement can be divided into three options:

  • Surgical. It cannot be attributed to methods that can be applied at home.
  • Not surgical. It can also be used at home, the reviews show that the real growth is achieved by the natural response of the tissues to the application of pulling force.
  • Combined. In the first stage, surgical intervention is used, and then an extender is used at home.

There are many different methods you can use at home, but do not think that all methods at home work quickly and allow you to enlarge your penis in the shortest possible time. If the advertising of any product has a minimum time frame (1-2 weeks), then this is fake news, in the opinion of those who use the recommendations of home phallus enlargement specialists, the enlargement procedure is planned for months.

All are real possibilities

The first thing that men who want to get a big dick at home pay attention to is the penis enlargement cream. But by how many centimeters can the phallus be increased in this way, how does the ointment (cream) differ from other methods?

External funds

Ointment (cream, lubricant, gel) became popular due to its ease of use, minimal side effects and incognito within a large family. For example, the gel is applied directly to the penis, has practically no side effects, is not allergic, and if you analyze the reviews, it is very effective.

All external preparations can be divided into three types:

  1. Ointment (cream) for short-term effects. It causes a strong blood flow for a short time, it can be used conveniently right before sexual intercourse, the drug is only valid for a few hours. At the end of the operation, the blood flow decreases and the penis returns to its natural state.
  2. Long-term effect. In such cases, a penis enlargement spray or ointment is regularly used for a long time. Consumer reviews show that they had to use such drugs for at least 2-4 months, but the result is worth it.
  3. External preparations for the auxiliary operation. They do not increase the size of the penis by themselves, but together with a pump or extender, they show good results.

It is advisable to start using any cream after consulting a doctor. External preparations are applied in small quantities to the penis, as they contain a high concentration of stimulants. How much and how to use them at home is described in more detail in the instructions, each device has its own application characteristics.


It is a device that allows you to stretch the penis to the desired centimeter, although it cannot be used to enlarge the glans penis. An excellent alternative to surgical techniques, the expander does not violate the integrity of the tissues, so the device works directly in the right direction. It does not ensure blood flow, as when using a pump or cream, but the main plus is that it can be used successfully at home. The device causes minimal discomfort, but depending on proper use.

Penis enlargement nozzles (extenders) can be classified into three types: loop, belt, universal. How to choose the expected result and increased penis size? Experts do not recommend buying a device based only on the description on the Internet, it is important to get advice and understand which device you should buy in a particular case. Given that the cost of a quality product is high, it is unreasonable to spend money in vain.

For many men, such penis enlargement nozzles have turned out to be unacceptable, the reviews of some models are negative. Wearing the device is not always comfortable, the size of the penis increases minimally, although after a thorough consideration of the problem, it turned out that the device was used for a minimal amount of time. Experts remind us that after starting to use the expander, several months must pass in order for the phallus to enlarge properly at home!

hydraulic pump

It works like a penis pump, but a hydraulic pump uses the hydraulic power of water. Unlike the vacuum pump, there is no bruising of the penis after using the hydraulic pump. The device creates blood flow in the corpora cavernosa under water pressure, and over time, this procedure makes it possible to increase the size of the penis by 2-3 cm. , water can not only increase the size of the penis, but also increase the erection due to better blood flow.

air pump

It is recommended for men to use it at home for serious problems in the intimate area. The pump can be used in cases of insufficient erection or severe impotence, when the natural elasticity of the penis is not possible. However, at home, the pump can also be used as a device for increasing the length and width of the penis. After a while with regular procedures, many men noted that the positive result was "obvious".


The "milking" procedure is carried out at home, as practice shows, jelqing is very useful if the size of the penis leaves much to be desired, but one should not expect too great results. The remedy can be attributed to folk methods, it is believed that thisoldest method of penis enlargement at home, and everything is so effective. This is a version of self-massage of the penis, but improved with special exercises. The device is the cheapest of all for penis enlargement - you only need free time. The only condition is that the erection does not exceed50-70%, otherwise there is a high risk of damage to the blood vessels.


Penis enlargement pills are still popular and easy to use at home. Despite the fact that men appreciate them, pills or dietary supplements cannot be called folk methods of increasing blood flow to the penis. Although they certainly seem preferable to special devices or surgery. The pharmaceutical market is oversaturated with offers, in addition to excellent products, pills of very dubious quality are offered, so before you decide to increase the phallus with drugs, it is better to consult a specialist.

Hanging weights

The most ancient and practically unused method in modern conditions. In addition to the fact that the enlargement of the genital organ in this way causes obvious discomfort, there is a risk of injury, so experts do not recommend its use, but recommend limiting yourself to more benign options.


To decide to increase the width and length of the head and shaft of the penis, it is not necessary to resort to radical and expensive means or to stimulate blood flow with the help of synthetic drugs. You can also use simple nozzles at home to increase the size of your penis, it is actually an artificial penis, but it can work well as a variety of intimate life.

Other technologies

If we analyze in detail all the known methods, acceptable on one side or the other, for the effective implementation of penis enlargement, it will take a lot of time. How effective each of them is cannot be judged based on several opinions of men, a serious attitude and professional advice are important here.

The following methods can also be considered, which are usually based on increased blood flow:

  • "Penis building".
  • Isometric contraction (Kegel exercise).
  • Breathing exercises while visualizing the desired results.
  • Stretching penis by hand.
  • Mantak Tsia method.
  • Hot poultice.
  • Electropulsator for the penis.
  • Narrowing therapy (using the ring).
  • Blako's ring.

What influences the choice of home penis enlargement method? Easy implementation, efficiency and price (how much does the device cost)! Of course, after a detailed analysis of all possible methods, the man chooses those that do not require costs (exercises, poultices, etc. ). But it is not known how effective they will be and the time involved will be a lot. Do not worry if a man is not the owner of a huge size genital organ, all in good measure, you need to remember that "every pot has its own lid".

Stretching the penis is literally impossible. The purpose of the exercises is to ensure the flexibility of the organ and to increase the volume of blood flowing during erection, which determines the weight of the organ.

To achieve the desired result, you need to train regularly and for a long time.

Before starting the lessons, the member must be "warmed up". To do this, a poultice soaked in hot water is placed on the stomach, then wrapped around the penis and held for 3-5 minutes.

Penis enlargement exercises are a heavy load. Warming up is necessary to prepare the penis and increase blood flow.


Pulling force

Pull the head of the penis away from you and fix it in a stretched state for 5 seconds. Then swipe right for five seconds. Pull until a slight pain appears. In this case, discomfort should not occur. Then do the same on the left side, down and up.

Such an exercise helps to stretch the corpora cavernosa in the thickness of the penis and increase its length. During these manipulations, the penis should be in a soft, relaxed state. To fix the head, the foreskin must be pulled to the base until the end. You can do it while sitting on the edge of the couch.

Circular stretching

Pull the penis forward by the head and hold it for 5 seconds, then pull it up. Continuing the stretch, slowly rotate counterclockwise until you reach your original position. The circuit must be completed in 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 25 times.

After every second rotation, the penis should be shaken a little and massaged to normalize the blood flow. This exercise stretches the cartilage at the base of the penis and increases its length.

Seated stretching

It is performed with a 30-40% erection. We pull the member towards the bottom and slowly sit on it. In this way, the pressure on the corpora cavernosa increases from the inside. It can be increased not only in the length of the organ, but also in its thickness.


The exercise is performed with a soft member. Hold your head in the ring of your thumb and forefinger. Stretch it as far away from you as possible and hold for 5-7 seconds. At the same time, press the base of the penis with the thumb of the second hand and hold it against the head and back. Repeat 10 times.

It is important that the grip on the head is tight, only then will the effect be maximum. If pain occurs during the exercise, squeeze the head and squeeze the blood out of it. After that, continue the exercise.


Use a lubricant when exercising. The penis is in such a condition that the erection can be easily grasped at the base. Move your head and back, gradually increasing the speed. After a full erection, hold the penis with one hand at the head and the other at the base.

Keeping the blood in the thickness of the penis, stretch it several times, keeping it in the most extended state for 10 seconds. It is important not to overdo it or strain the skin or ligaments.


When you are 100% erect, stand with your feet wide apart. Make swings with the penis in vertical and horizontal directions while straining the muscles of the perineum.

Kegel technique

This technique alone does not increase the size of the penis, but it helps to improve the quality of sex life. Based on the development of the PC muscle (pubococcygeal muscle). This muscle controls urination and is responsible for orgasm. To find this, it is sufficient to interrupt urination in the middle.

Such interruptions must be carried out five times for each trip to the toilet. This skill "tightens the anus" and subsequently helps to regulate ejaculation and prolong erection.

Suspension of loads

The practice is popular but ineffective. The penis is not a muscle, it cannot be pumped up. Hanging weights only stretch the skin and damage the blood vessels. A possible increase in length occurs due to a decrease in thickness.

Jelqing (from Arabic "milking")

Distinguish between classical technique and jelq with retention.

Classic jelqing is done with 60-80% erection. In case of 100% erection, superficial blood vessels may be damaged. Secure the element at the base with the index finger and thumb and slowly pull it forward. Reach the head after 3 seconds. The grip should be such as to prevent the outflow of blood.

After reaching the head, without stopping, perform the same manipulations with the other hand. The pull should be continuous. Repeat for 5 minutes. The degree of compression should not cause discomfort. You can take a break as you approach ejaculation.

The Moon sign differs from the classic one in that when you reach the head, you must stop and hold the penis with your fingers for 10 seconds.

Side effects

Such penis enlargement exercises have their consequences. Most of them go away on their own within a few days.

Darkening of the penis

In some places, a small darkening appeared on the penis, or the entire penis took on a bronze hue. This side effect can appear after several months of training. Its intensity depends on the individual tendency to the appearance of bruises on the body.

prominent vessels

Exercise can cause blood vessels to enlarge and become more visible.


They usually appear on the head. The spots are often red in color and resemble an injection mark. However, in rare cases, they can be darker and larger. This is a signal to reduce the intensity of the training.

Completion of exercises

Massage and heating help to improve the results of training.

Warming up allows you to relax and unwind after class. Massaging the penis with circular movements is also necessary. You can use any moisturizing herbal cream for this. Massage restores blood circulation.

Then apply a warm compress or soak the penis in warm water for a while. Dry the penis with a towel.

In addition to the exercises, it is recommended to use medicines that help to achieve the desired result.