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Erogen X to make a gel for to increase penis size

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Erogen X – a powerful and harmless means to increase the penis size

the small penis in men, affect the sexual life of the

According to statistics, more than 30% of the men who live on the territory of the member state are satisfied with the size of your penis. This has a negative impact on men's self-esteem, does not feel put together and confident. The Problem of a small phallus of the concerns of not only the youth, but also adult men. Fortunately, today this problem can be solved with surgery, which is very dangerous and requires considerable financial costs. Gel for to increase penis size Erogen X it helps to improve blood circulation and a significant increase in the size of the corpora cavernosa.

Why does the man want to increase penis size?

The average size of a male penis, in the Czech Republic – 13 inches, and only 5% of men, penis size is of 16 inches. Of course, the girls are able to say that this is not so important, important is how a man skillful in his bed, but they are the ones who can clearly make fun of the guy with the small penis, and causing severe psychological trauma for the rest of your life.

Modern day medicine does not offer many options of penis enlargement. In essence, it is a surgical procedure, which is carried with them a high degree of risk to the sexual and reproductive health of women. After the operation, it is necessary to consider abstinence during the period of rehabilitation.

During the operation of the male sexual organ, which is inserted in the alien's implants, there is a risk that they will not survive and you will experience inflammation. Therefore, not all of the patients were satisfied with the results of the surgery may lead to the decrease of the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, which leads to decreased pleasure during sexual contact.

Experts recommend the use of a non-invasive method – the gel for to increase penis size Erogen X. It will increase the circulation of the blood, and stimulates the growth of protein bodies, both in length and in thickness.

What are the advantages of a big penis?

How does it work Erogen X

Erogenous X is a unique gel for to increase penis size
  1. The influence of the gel takes place at a cellular level by penetrating inside the protein-bodies, the cream stimulates the blood circulation and the stretching of the mouth's cavity with the inside of the penis, increasing its elasticity.
  2. To increase the protein content and the collagen in the tissues of the penis, resulting in the growth of the organisation, both in length and in diameter. Cells to rejuvenate and regenerate, the penis becomes more firm and elastic.
  3. The Gel contains a stimulating substance, which highly increases the sensitivity and increase the time of sexual intercourse, allowing you to get a more vivid and deeper sensations of sexual intercourse.

Therefore, the experts recommend the following Erogen X?

The advantages of the gel for to increase penis size Erogen X prior to surgery there is apparently, the gel works much faster, does not carry the health risks, and much more affordable. After the rehabilitation period of time, and plus a tool to improve erection and blood flow to the penis.

So, why choose the Erogen X among the analogues: the creams and the gels, it is also a promise to increase a member?

The Gel Erogen X

An extract of calendula in the composition of the Erogenous X

The gel Erogen X it includes a secure component which stimulates the rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells of the penis, promotes circulation, and increases sexual desire.

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The opinion of a physician

The Urologist Jiří Jiří
The experience of the:
For 9 years
The size of the penis is worried, a lot more men than you might think at first glance. Since the penis has an important psychological meaning as a symbol of manhood, even in our progressive age. More than 70% of men in the Czech Republic are satisfied with the size of their penis and want to increase it, but the fear of operations. In this case, I suggest to patients to try the gel for to increase penis size Erogen Xthis tool allows you to increase the elasticity of the fibres, and the use of the natural potential for growth. With this, you can make a growth of 4 to 5 cm, which is more than enough for the vast majority.