penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a plastic surgery that can be used to lengthen and / or increase the volume of a man's penis.

penis enlargement surgery

Dissatisfaction with the length and volume of the penis can cause complexity, a lack of confidence in their sexual abilities, and, as a result, tension in the relationship with the partner. All of this significantly impairs the quality of sexual life, brings disharmony into intimate relationships, and can even cause stress and neurosis, all the way to psychic impotence.

Thus, the subjective assessment of the penis is the cause of a significant decrease in quality of life, and the insufficient length and volume of the penis is not only a sexual but also a health problem.

How is penis enlargement done?

He spends the first day after surgery in our hospital hospital. The seams are shown in Figures 10-12. days. The rehabilitation period is two weeks, after which you can return to a normal sex life.

Contraindications to penis enlargement:

  • diabetes in decompensated form,
  • venereal diseases,
  • acute inflammatory processes in the urogenital area (urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis),
  • oncological diseases,
  • mental disorders
  • intimate herpes,
  • the presence of sores or ulcers on the penis.

In addition to the variety of proposals for penis enlargement, the only really effective solution to this problem today is plastic surgery.

Penis enlargement is not achievable with exercise because the male penis is made up of vascular tissue, not muscle tissue. This is why the usual practice of pumping up muscles does not help to make the penis larger.

Penis enlargement at the clinic is a quick and radical way to get rid of the causes of dissatisfaction with your penis, such as:

  • insufficient length of the penis,
  • inappropriate penis thickness
  • psychological discomfort related to insufficient penile volume,
  • low self-esteem in intimate relationships,
  • the disharmony of sexual intercourse, which is accompanied by the insecurity of their male abilities.

You can use plastic surgery to increase the length, diameter, and length and diameter of your penis. At the first consultation with the plastic surgeon, they will tell you the cost of the penis enlargement and make a custom surgical plan based on your wishes for the future size of the penis.

Penis lengthening (penis)

To increase the length of the penis, the tape holding it from above must be placed crosswise and moved (changed) to a new location. This allows you to release the part of the penis hidden in your body and squeeze it out. The increase in the length of the penis depends on its physiological curvature - the length of the inner part attached to the tape.

Usually, the length of the penis increases by 3-4 cm after surgery, but it can reach 10 cm.

No non-surgical penis lengthening method gives such results!

Another important benefit of surgical penis enlargement is that the result achieved is maintained for a lifetime. This solves the problem of insufficient penis length once and for all.

Penis extension surgery does not take more than 40 minutes. Endoscopic control during surgery provides visual monitoring of blood vessels and nerves, making surgery safe and minimizing the risk of complications.

After 10-12 days, the sutures are removed and you can evaluate the outcome of the surgery in three months.

Increasing the thickness of the penis

Penis thickening can be achieved in several ways. In addition to classic lipofilling, professionals have accumulated extensive experience in applying the latest patented techniques to increase penis thickness.

Lipofilling is the delivery of a man’s own adipose tissue under the skin. The amount of adipose tissue injected is calculated by taking into account that half of the amount is processed by the body. Once this is done, the penis gets an even thickening and a natural look. Thus, externally, it will be impossible to distinguish the artificial thickness of the penis from the natural one.

Recently, the main method of increasing the thickness of the penis has become a new, progressive development, the essence of which is the creation and introduction of a special biocollagen matrix into the penis. To create this matrix, the patient's own blood is used, which is processed by centrifugation using special technology.

The inserted matrix strongly stimulates the cell division of the penis, which increases its volume.

This innovative technique allows you to achieve optimal results in penis enlargement with minimal side effects.

Results of penis enlargement:

  • an increase in penis length of 3-4 cm or more;
  • significant increase in penile thickness and volume;
  • self-confidence, psychological comfort;
  • higher self-esteem in intimate relationships;
  • new feelings during intercourse;
  • higher quality of sexual life.