The instructions for the use of the Erogen X

Erogen X – directions for use

the instructions for the use of the Erogenous X

How to use a gel to stimulate growth in the cells of the penis for maximum benefit? How to get the best effect and to achieve the penis growth in the 5 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter? You will need to use the gel, in strict accordance with the instructions provided at the bottom of the web page, the paper guide can also be found in the packaging of the product.

Apply the gel on the penis in a thin layer twice a day and RUB with a neat massage movements until completely absorbed. The use of the 3 months for the growth of the cellular structure of the penis, both in length and girth. You can use a gel just before intercourse to enhance erection and to experience a more vivid sense of this process.

The witness of the

  • The experts of urologists in the Czech Republic, it is recommended that you use the Erogen X in the following cases:
  • The size of your penis.
  • The feeling of uncertainty, of nervousness before the sexual intercourse.
  • The weakening of erectile function, lack of hardness of the penis during an erection.
  • The lack of sensation during sexual intercourse.


Gel for to increase penis size is not going to cause you side-effects, but before using it, make sure that you are not allergic to the components of the vehicle. Apply a few millimeters of the gel on the skin of your wrist and wait for approximately 30 minutes to complete. In case of irritation occurrence to use the tool, which is not recommended.